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Poco & Pop offers an expanding product line committed to providing educators with fresh teaching approaches that motivate both teacher and students and ultimately produce academic results. The overall look is festive and colorful, yet purposeful in its design to provide academic depth and positively impact student learning. All illustrations are hand drawn and the whimsical design appeals to young children.

While teaching kindergarten for eight years and first grade for one year, I frequently created my own teaching materials to meet my personal needs and the needs of the classroom. This process was both enjoyable and challenging. Currently, I am not in the classroom and am home with my three children. This time away from work has allowed me to devote more time to Poco & Pop. I’m grateful for the sense of connectedness Poco & Pop provides me to the teaching profession and hope to return to the classroom one day.  

“Poco” was my childhood nickname and “Pop” refers to my dad, who has always encouraged me to pursue this business. The dog in the Poco & Pop logo is our beloved “Whitey” (1989-2004).





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