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This simulated shopping experience is perfect for learning and extending coin currency. Students love to shop with real money from their individually designed and created piggy banks. They count out exact change to complete one purchase from each store. The shopping spree stores include Toy Store, Bakery, Candy Store, Shoe Store, Grocery, and Pet Store. The shopping spree is a valuable performance assessment and a great ongoing addition to your centers routine.

“I absolutely love the Shopping Spree set! Now, I feel like I can actually use my “store” play center as a very academic center where children are learning about commerce, money, customer manners, turn taking, etc. Then, with the piggy banks, the children can actually learn about how to shop and to save! Spending money for the students was never such a useful unit about decision making! Keep making fun and decorative items, and I will continue to be a life-long customer for my students!”

Shelly Schmidt
Kindergarten Teacher
Aspen Crossing Elementary
Aurora, Colorado





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