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Take Home Class Journals

Take Home Class Journals

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This is a classroom must for kindergarten through 2nd grade! These seven back and forth journals capitalize on exciting life events of any 5-8 year old.  Students are always eager to share thrilling news that personally happens to them. Now  provide them with a writing opportunity in which to communicate their exciting news. Journals are requested on an as needed basis and titles include:

  • The Birthday Book
  • The New Shoes Book
  • The Tooth Book
  • Weekend Pal (classroom stuffed animal that each student gets once a year)
  • The Ouch Book (*most popular)
  • The Restaurant Book
  • The New Haircut Book

The beauty of the journals is that any attempt at writing is celebrated and encouraged. No matter where a student falls developmentally he or she is successful in completing journal entries because everything from strictly illustrating, to beginning/ending letter sounds, to dictating, to labeling, to copying, to independent writing is acceptable and age-appropriate.

As the year progresses each journal becomes more and more full. As parents discover it coming home in their child’s backpack the hope is they peruse previous entries and get a feel for the span of abilities in your class. As a child completes his/her entry it is returned to school and now this writing opportunity becomes a speaking and reading opportunity. They will share it before their peers and field questions and compliments. This motivating writing experience serves as a fun venue to boost confidence for budding authors and readers!

The set includes 7 fully colored front covers and their corresponding cover letters. (You provide seven ½ inch, 3-hole binders with slip transparent covers.)

*Cover letters are also available in Spanish. Please indicate when ordering.


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